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Posted by REEF Builders on Thu, Oct 08, 2020

Designing and Building beautiful custom homes has been our passion for over 35 Years. Come see what the REEF Builders team can do for you. From expert real estate services to help you find your ideal building site, to a comprehensive design and seamless construction process. You've been visiting the Cape your whole life, isn't it time you stayed?

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Welcome to REEF's New Website!

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Mon, Nov 06, 2017

The REEF team is proud to present our new website! We have gone with a more visual format for the site, so we can better show our design and building capabilities, and we still offer our great informational guides and blog. Let us know what you think!

Click here to check it out! www.capecodbuilder.com


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Great Kitchen Ideas for your Cape Cod Home

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Wed, Apr 26, 2017

Been spending a lot of time inside? How’s your kitchen looking? Time for a little updating?  As we approach another Cape Cod Summer, many folks are taking a second look at the heart of their home…the kitchen.

Ready to get inspired?  Here are some great resources for thinking and planning for your 2015 kitchen overhaul. Modern; classic; warm hardware tones – who knew?

These photos and design sites for fresh new kitchen ideas are bound to get your juices flowing, and your kitchen plans going!

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2015 for your Cape Cod Home

hgtvcom kitchen 2015 resized 600

HGTV's Best Kitchens for Cape Cod

 Cape Cod Custom Kitchen by REEF Custom Builders DennisModern Custom Kitchen By REEF Builders TruroCape Cod Custom Kitchen by REEF Builders DennisCape Cod Kitchen Design by REEF Custom Builders Chatham

hgtv best kitchen 2015 resized 600

Fresh Kitchen Design Trends for 2015


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Cape Cod Custom Homes Before and After

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Fri, Apr 07, 2017

Almost every day we get a call from folks interested in updating their Cape Cod home. Frequently they have owned the home for many years. Sometimes our Customers have purchased an older home with replacement in mind. Every case is different, which makes our job fun.

Whether you seek a seasonal escape big enough to accommodate family and friends, or have dreaming of a comfortable retirement home on Cape Cod, we can turn your tired cottage into a wonderfully inviting place to enjoy life.

We've put together some Before & After examples. These are great to get your creative juices flowing:  Before and After Home Transformation Examples

If you are considering a new custom home, renovation, remodeling project or addition, please contact REEF Builders today!

Here’s an example of a Before and After transformation:


Cape Cod  Waterfront Custom Home Before and After

Dunes View before resized 600


Dunes View after


15 Donovan Way   before.jpg




15 Donovan Way   after.jpg

Dennis Custom Home Before

Dennis Custom Home After


Before and After Home Transformation Examples

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Building a Waterfront Home - Part 1

Posted by REEF Custom Homes on Wed, Mar 29, 2017

Building A Waterfront Home

REEF is starting another waterfront custom home project next week. We are planning a multi-part series on our blog over the next several months documenting the specific challenges and unique requirement of building on the ocean. This project is a great opportunity to look at the various phases of construction, and how the complex permitting, engineering and environmental management teams come together to create the final product.

We will begin next week with the erosion control, demolition and clearing phases at the site, tearing down the existing structure and preparing the site for the new home. Even more exciting is the fact that this project will also have a substantial beach and sand replenishment component, where we will go in and support the existing bank at the water's edge using a combination of sand and sand retention fencing.

Look for regular updates over the coming week and throughout the summer. Our design team, lead by Jim Hagerty and Sara Hamilton, has been working with our engineering and environmental consultants over the last year to bring this custom home project to this point. The architectural design is nearly complete, so we'll begin construction of the home in the early summer. Here's what we'll be starting with:


 If you are interested in building a waterfront home - click here to download our Waterfront Property Guide


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Landscaping a Waterfront Home

Posted by REEF Custom Homes on Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Landscaping a waterfront home can get complicated, when you consider all of the restrictions imposed by the Conservation Commission. Regulations will usually required "native" plantings for mitigation of the disturbed areas, and there might be a perception out there that  this required work can't result in a beautiful landscape.  Part of what we do here at REEF is spend a lot of time, picking the right team of experts for each project and then planning ahead and working with the local boards and commissions to come up with plans that try to create a balance between respect for the natural environment, and the aesthetic needs of the owner. Here are some pictures of a custom home project we just completed in Chatham.  This home and it's surrounding hardscapes and plantings are an excellent compliment to the natural landscape and look great! 



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Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Thu, Apr 28, 2016

If you are considering building, purchasing or remodeling a custom home on a water front property on Cape Cod, then you should take a moment to download our Waterfront Property Guide!  Building your dream home can be an exciting process, but you want to make sure you can built exactly what you want first!

The regulations involved in building on the water can be overwhelming when you consider the following:

  1. Local, state and federal wetlands regulations
  2. Special regulations only associated with costal areas
  3. Zoning regulations specific to waterfront properies
  4. How many bedrooms can the lot support?
  5. Can I add on to the existing structure?
  6. What size home can be built on your lot?

All of these are important questions that you will need to answer before making a significant investment in your custom home!

The design/build team at REEF can help -





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Dennis Waterview  Dream Home

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Mar 30, 2016
The town of Dennis has some of the most pristine views of Cape Cod Bay! With the topography in the area of Scargo Lake, cascading to the sea, there are several opportunities for homes with commanding views of the ocean.  REEF recently designed and built a home in this area that balances incredible views with th fun, casual  family lifestyle of the homeowners.
Here's where the project started before the design team at REEF began their work !
After several months of design and permitting with the Old King's Highway Historic District a new home began to take shape, using the natural topography of the lot to allow for sweeping views from Provincetown to Plymouth

 The porches, and decks all provide a great place for gathering with family and friends and the open interior allows for entertaining inside while enjoying the view. 

If you are considering designing or building your Cape Cod home, please give REEF a call at 508-394-3090  or contact us today and see what we can do for you! 





One of the most exciting features of the home is the custom made staircase which was designed to allow open floor area at the water side of the home  - 




And most importantly the view from the upper deck! 


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I think we just built your dream home...

Posted by REEF Custom Homes on Wed, Jan 13, 2016

Mahogany floors, fireplace with beach-stone surround, open floor plan and a Master Suite with private deck and commanding view of Cape Cod Bay...is this your dream home?

Well we just built it!

Take a tour of this custom home and see if you'd change a single thing...

Northside Bayview Cape


Northside Bayview Cape




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How can REEF Builders guarantee the price before construction begins?

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Wed, Sep 09, 2015

Many of the folks I talk with are incredulous that REEF Builders guarantees the build cost and the occupancy date of their new homes. “How can you do that?” is a common question.

At REEF the Design – Build process is very carefully managed, and the cost of every process and fixture is captured. REEF invests a lot of time into understanding the conditions at the site, as well as developing comprehensive design specifications with and for the Home Owners. Ensuring that there are “no surprises” is crucially important to exceeding Customers’ expectations.

Watch as Brewster Home Owners share their experience. This brief video helps explain why REEF Builders consistently exceeds their Customers’ expectations, whether a simple cottage or oceanfront estate:

Cape Cod Homeowners describe their experience with REEF Builders

38 Carver Road after resized 600

Cape Cod Homeowners describe their experience with REEF Builders

Brewster Custom Cape left resized 600

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