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Building a Waterfront Home - Part 1

Posted by REEF Custom Homes on Wed, Mar 29, 2017
REEF Custom Homes

Building A Waterfront Home

REEF is starting another waterfront custom home project next week. We are planning a multi-part series on our blog over the next several months documenting the specific challenges and unique requirement of building on the ocean. This project is a great opportunity to look at the various phases of construction, and how the complex permitting, engineering and environmental management teams come together to create the final product.

We will begin next week with the erosion control, demolition and clearing phases at the site, tearing down the existing structure and preparing the site for the new home. Even more exciting is the fact that this project will also have a substantial beach and sand replenishment component, where we will go in and support the existing bank at the water's edge using a combination of sand and sand retention fencing.

Look for regular updates over the coming week and throughout the summer. Our design team, lead by Jim Hagerty and Sara Hamilton, has been working with our engineering and environmental consultants over the last year to bring this custom home project to this point. The architectural design is nearly complete, so we'll begin construction of the home in the early summer. Here's what we'll be starting with:


 If you are interested in building a waterfront home - click here to download our Waterfront Property Guide


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