Guide to Permitting and Building your Custom Home  on Waterfront and Coastal  Property on Cape Cod

This is a comprehensive guide  to Coastal Real Estate Guide produced through a joint venture between the Barnstable County Cooperative Extension and the Woods Hole Sea Grant program with a great Q&A for work in coastal or water front areas.

There is strong demand for waterfront property on Cape Cod, but the most important question that buyers and homeowners want to know is what can I build? or can we expand the existing property to meet our design goals?

Our new guide to building your waterfront home will help answer the following questions:

  1. What size home can I build on a property?
  2. Who are the experts that will be part of the design and permitting team
  3. What permits are required?
  4. Do we save the existing property or tear it down?
  5. Can I build my dream home here?

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