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Cape Cod Outdoor Spaces Enhanced

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Tue, Jul 16, 2013

Outdoors is where you’ll find us on Cape Cod in the summer. Spending so much time on the deck or around the garden, why not make it really special? Curtains sewn from outdoor fabric can elevate a porch's contemporary style, and provide an interesting backdrop for a wicker or other seating set. Throw pillows soften a space, and linen panels can be used to create a secluded, intimate space.

Like indoor rooms, outdoor spaces can be made multifunctional by using versatile furnishings like ottomans. Move them around at will to serve as extra seating, as small side tables next to a chair, or even as a coffee table with the addition of a tray perched on top.

Here’s some great ideas to help you make your outdoor cape Cod space even more inviting. And when it comes time to expand or renovate, the team at REEF is ready to help.

Outdoor Rooms enhanced

Outdoor Rooms on Cape CodOutdoor Rooms enhanced

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Getting ready for a great garden at your Cape Cod home

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Fri, Feb 08, 2013

It’s the middle of winter, and weather dictates almost everything on a gardener's to-do list. Even though February marks the heart of winter, there’s still plenty to do to prepare for the spring thaw. It's not too late to provide cover for tender and early-flowering plants. Get back into the swing of perennials this month with shopping, clearing, ordering, dividing and possibly a bit of planting. Spend sunny February weekends doing building projects so you're all ready when spring kicks in, like creating a raised garden bed. Here’s some great information and a handy checklist to help get your garden ready for a beautiful season.

winter plants resized 600

February checklist for your Cape Cod garden

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Great Idea for your Cape Cod Deck

Posted by Matthew Teague on Mon, Nov 05, 2012


So everyone loves a nice outdoor living space, and a deck is one of the most popular spaces we design and build on our Cape Cod Homes.  An elevated deck can be a very nice addition to a home with a walkout basement, or as a feature off of the 2nd story of a home to take advantage of water views.  The problem with an elevated deck is that they can create a dark space, that is not weather resistant, and can't be used when it is raining.  Well there are now several solutions available to turn the space below your deck into a covered porch. These systems use a series of panels that attach to the underside of the framing and direct water out to a gutter system.  So now, instead of a dark, wet, space under your deck, you can have a bright clean outdoor space to enjoy during inclement weather.  One of the better products we have came across is called the Zip-up system.  Click here to see their brochure: Zip-Up System

Cape Cod Deck Drain

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Outdoor Living - Cape Cod

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Oct 03, 2012

   Fall is by far the best season on Cape Cod. Warm days, cool evenings, and even a few afternoons at the beach are just some of the things we enjoy here in the fall. One of the best ways to enjoy this season is with an outdoor living space.  If you are building a New Home, Renovation, or Remodeling, you should consider some type of outdoor living space, such as a screened porch, patio, or covered pergola.  There are hundreds of options which range from a basic covered deck to elaborate spaces with fireplaces and full kitchens.  Here is a slideshow from Builderonline.com that talks about the benefits of an outdoor living space: Outdoor Living Spaces


Outdoor Living-Cape Cod

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Tips to Update Your Deck for Summer

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Jul 12, 2012

    Outdoor living spaces, and especially decks are used almost every day in the summer.  At REEF, Cape Cod's Home Builder, we are often called in to look at expanding or updating old tired decks for summer use. There are a number of great products available to update your deck ranging from a simple coat of paint, power washing, or new decking surfaces.  One of our favorite products is AZEK decking, which is extremely durable, looks great, and is available in a variety of colors. 

Here is an articl from decoist.com with some more ideas for renovating your deck for summer:http://www.decoist.com/2012-06-21/how-to-update-your-deck-for-summer/

new deck Cape Cod

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Coastal Landscaping for your Cape Cod Home

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Jun 13, 2012

     Cape Cod is a unique place, especially when it comes to landscaping. Many Cape Cod Homes feature extensive, colorful, and often times low maintenance landscaping that fits the coastal style of Cape Cod Living.  So if you are building a new custom home, renovating, remodeling, or just want to enhance your existing landscape we have a few suggestions for you.  Perennial beds, ornamental grasses, often times highlighted with annuals for color and style are often seen on Cape Cod.  Using the natural topography to your advantage is also important. Instead of building a large retaining wall to stabilize a slope, why not use rosa rugosa, day lillies or a low ground cover to stabilize the slope which will provide color and style. Below is an article from houzz.com that discusses some of the challenges and opportunities when planning your landscaping in a coastal environment.



Cape Cod Landscaping

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Outdoor Living- Growing in Popularity

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Apr 11, 2012

    Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more poplular, especially with custom homes on Cape Cod.  The marketplace for items like outdoor kitchens, grills, patios, and fireplaces has exploded over the last several years.  Many of the manufacturers have responded with modular, easy to install products that retain the permanent look of masonry or exotic hardwoods that the consumer is looking for.  With the growth of the market, costs have come down and availability of these products is expanding.   The landscaping and outdoor living areas are unfortunately one of the last things that our customers plan for, and sometimes fail to budget properly to achieve their needs.  The demand for these products and well designed landscape or hardscape areas is growing.  Below is an article from Housingzone.com showing the increased popularity of these items.  If you are planning your new home on Cape Cod, you should definitely consider some outdoor living spaces!



Here is a photo of one of our recently completed homes with some of these features

Deacon Joseph 091911 019 resized 600

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