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Great Idea for your Cape Cod Deck

Posted by Matthew Teague on Mon, Nov 05, 2012
Matthew Teague


So everyone loves a nice outdoor living space, and a deck is one of the most popular spaces we design and build on our Cape Cod Homes.  An elevated deck can be a very nice addition to a home with a walkout basement, or as a feature off of the 2nd story of a home to take advantage of water views.  The problem with an elevated deck is that they can create a dark space, that is not weather resistant, and can't be used when it is raining.  Well there are now several solutions available to turn the space below your deck into a covered porch. These systems use a series of panels that attach to the underside of the framing and direct water out to a gutter system.  So now, instead of a dark, wet, space under your deck, you can have a bright clean outdoor space to enjoy during inclement weather.  One of the better products we have came across is called the Zip-up system.  Click here to see their brochure: Zip-Up System

Cape Cod Deck Drain

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