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Rundown Cottage becomes Cape Waterfront Home

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

Last week I posted part of the evolution of a home that REEF is building here on Cape Cod. The blog received a lot of attention. It seems many people are interested in watching the metamorphosis of an old, rundown cottage into a modern waterfront or water view Cape Cod home. The home I featured last week overlooks the dunes on the north side of the Cape, and Cape Cod Bay.

Here’s another REEF project with southern exposure over a beautiful bay and river in Dennis. It’s the small one in the center of the first photo, right above the red and green buoys. You can see that the neighborhood has grown up around the old cottage. The scene is pretty tranquil now, as the photos were taken in November through January. However this area is alive with small boat activity in the summer, which will provide for endless hours of quiet enjoyment.  I’ll update the blog photos as construction progresses. The kitchen and living area, as well as most of the bedrooms in the home, overlook the water. It will be breath taking. Stay tuned…!

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Horsefoot Cove cottage resized 600

Horsefoot Cottage cleared resized 600









Horsefoot decked resized 600describe the image

Horsefoot framed resized 600Horsefoot with REEF housewrap resized 600

Horsefoot framed from bridge resized 600

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Hurricane Windows for you Cape Cod Home

Posted by Matthew Teague on Mon, Oct 29, 2012

   So, what better topic for today than Hurricane windows!  So people often ask us what the options are for hurricane protection on Cape Cod and everyone thinks it is very expensive... so here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the hurricane windows for your Cape Cod Home!

  1. When and where are hurricane windows required?
    1. The answer is actually NEVER… but we will get into that later.  In reality, hurricane resistant windows are required anywhere within 1 mile to mean high water on Cape Cod, and there is a map that shows this area defined here: Wind-Borne Debris Zone
  2. Do I have to purchase the hurricane-rated windows and how expensive are they?
    1. If you are inside the Wind-Borne Debris Zone, and doing new construction, or changing the sizes of your original windows for replacement purposes, the building code provides 2 options:

             i.      Option 1 (For windows / doors under 4’x8’) – structural wood panels can be pre-cut and left on the site to apply during a storm

             ii.      Option 2 (for windows / doors over 4’x8’) – impact-resistant or hurricane windows must be used

  1. The cost of impact-resistant doors / windows runs about 2-3 times the cost of standard windows, so yes they are VERY expensive
  2. What is the benefit of using impact-rated windows vs. standard windows with storm panels?
    1. Impact windows are great for a summer house, or  if you think you might be unavailable during a storm event
    2. Some insurance companies will reduce wind deductibles and other costs if you choose to build with these windows, however, the cost savings will not pay for the added expense of the windows over a reasonable amount of time

    If you are thinking of Building your New Home, or Renovating or Remodeling your Cape Cod Home and want more information about these windows... please feel free to contact us by clicking below:  Click me

Hurricane Windows

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Update - Wellfleet Project

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Dec 15, 2011

So the weather has been cooperating with us this fall, and we have been moving along nicely on this new home in Wellfleet, MA.  This project is unique, as the site posed a few challenges due to its proximity to the coastal bank. When building anywhere near the water, the permitting process will involve approval by the local conservation commission.  The conservation commission's input will influence things like lot coverage, site drainage and septic locations, vegetation preservation or removal.  REEF was able to work with its team of engineers and the commission to negotiate an exceptional location for this house, which allowed the preservation of critical environmental concearns, while maximizing the views of Wellfleet Harbor.  Here are some photos from the site this week. The house has been insulated, and we are starting to sheetrock and plaster today.... If you have a property on Cape Cod with a challenging site like this, click here to see how REEF can help you!! CONTACT US

IMAG0084 resized 600IMAG0086 resized 600IMAG0088 resized 600IMAG0089 resized 600

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