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Value Engineering Your Cape Cod Custom Home

Posted by Matthew Teague on Fri, Apr 27, 2012

    Building a custom home on Cape Cod can be a daunting process, however, one of the biggest hurdles is managing the budget.  Value engineering is a term often used to describe the process of re-working a design to meet budget constraints.   This is a great process, but it is very hard to do late in the design process, when costs have gone out of control.  Costs are controlled one dollar at a time, through a combination of design, construction techniques, and selection of finishes and fixtures. It is almost impossible to shave $100,000 off of a $300,000 project.  A better approach is to set a budget of $200,000 and drive the project to that goal at each stage of the design and selection process.  

 Since REEF is a design/build company, we assist in developing the budget expectation, and take ownership of the budget throughout the construction process.  Managing expectation is the key to a sucessful project, a good finished product, and satisfied customers.


Here is a great article with some tips for value engineering your home project from housingzone.com: Value Engineering a Custom Home

If you want to know what your budget might look like for your next project, click below to download our construction cost guide:

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Remodeling Spending up 6%

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Apr 26, 2012

IMAG0410 resized 600   The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University has revently published its Leading Indicator for Remodeling Activity assessment, and things are really looking up.  After two years at historic lows, the outlook is  promising for remodelers, and custom home builders, with an expected increase of 5.9% by the end of the year.  As discussed in previous posts, we here at REEF, Cape Cod's Home Builder, have seen increased demand for remodeling and renovation services over the last several months.  So what does this mean for the consumer? A few things:

  1. Increased demand will result in increased material and labor costs
  2. Builders and remodelers will begin to develop a backlog, delaying execution of projects
  3. Now is a great time to begin planning your next project and beat the rush!


Here is the full article from remodeling.hw.net: http://www.remodeling.hw.net/economic-conditions/lira-remodeling-spending-up-almost-6-by-years-end.aspx

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New Products

Posted by Matthew Teague on Tue, Apr 17, 2012

    Here are some new products that were featured at the Architectural Digest Home Design show in New York City.  This show has become the trend setter for interior design, fixtures and appliances for the last several years.  Some of the products and fixtures will become common place in custom homes in the near future.  There are some great ideas here... enjoy


Architectural Digest Home Show

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New Home for under $100,000?

Posted by Matthew Teague on Fri, Apr 06, 2012

    This question was posed to REEF a few months ago: Can you build a new home for under $100,000? We accepted the challenge, and were able to come up with a design for this customer's lot that we can build, turn-key, for under $100,000.  Over the next few months, we will provide photos and updates from the site, covering daily and weekly progress.  This home is small, but it meets the customers needs and is tastefully designed and well appointed on the inside.  As a custom builder on Cape Cod, we see all types of projects, ranging from basement renovations, additions, new homes and luxury homes.  This challenge was something that we had always wanted to take on, and through smart design, and some innovative planning, our team has come through once again! 


Be sure to follow along over the next several weeks and see how we do! 


If you are wondering how much your next project might cost, click below to download our construction cost guide!

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Universal Design - Kitchens and Baths

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Apr 05, 2012

    The consept of universal design is a relatively new term in the custom home business.  It bridges the gap between standard design and fully handicapped accessable design.  The focus of this design concept is to provide homes that provide functional, and safe spaces across a wide range of needs. The idea that a home could have universal appeal for a young family or a retiring couple is unique in custom home building. Manufacturers have responded with many innovative products that make it easier to achieve this broad design appeal. Here is an article from Housingzone.com describing a few of the key products that builders are using in new home and renovation projects.

Universal Design - Kitchens and Baths


If you would like to examine these concepts further for your next new home or remodeling project click below to ask one of our experts.

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2012 New American Home

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Mar 15, 2012

  Here is an article about the 2012 New American Home, which is the featured home for the National Association of Home Builders.  This year's home displays new and innovative design trends, products and features that will become commonplace in the industry over the next few years.  Take a look at the article and video... and find inspiration for your next home or remodeling project.

2012 New American Home


If you have any questions about the products or techniques used in this home or others you may have seen, feel free to contact us.

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Top 10 Most Luxurious Homes

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Jan 25, 2012

   We have done some creative things with the homes we design and build here at REEF, however, sometimes even we need a little inspiration for our next great idea. We found this article on the top 10 most luxurious homes in the world.... enjoy!

10 Most Luxurious Homes in the World

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Building Jobs

Posted by Matthew Teague on Mon, Dec 19, 2011

 We found this video clip from ABC news regarding the impact of purchasing American-made products on the job market.  The building industry in general is a huge consumer of durable goods, and as such,  a small commitment to increasing the use of American-made products can have a dramatic impact on employment, and the overall economy.  REEF will commit to seeking out American-made products at every opportunity!!


Click here to watch the video: http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/index.php/kwidget/wid/0_04vzdsr5/uiconf_id/5590821

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