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Real Estate versus Stocks and Bonds

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Wed, Jan 20, 2016

Has the stock market gotten your attention yet? The recent downward nature of global stock markets have many people wondering if their investments are in the right place.

Advisors often speak of having a "blanced portfolio". Where does real estate fit in? You may own a house, but what about a second home? Or an investment property?

Here's some good insight into why real estate may be a great addition to your portfolio:

Why real estate may be a better investment than stocks


Real Estate versus Stocks and Bonds


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New Waterfront Custom Home Design

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Jun 13, 2012

   Here is a new waterfront custom home created by our talented designer and Vice President Jim Hagerty.  Jim has been designing and building custom homes throughout southeastern Massachusetts for the last 20 years.  His attention to detail, style, and ability to listen to his customers are clearly demonstrated in his work.  If you are planning a Custom Home on Cape Cod, or a Renovation or Remodeling Project, you should hire a team like REEF to take your project from Concept to Completion.

Front View:

New Waterfront Home on Cape Cod

Rear View

Rear of New Home by REEF

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Outdoor Living - Walkways

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, May 31, 2012

   Outdoor living spaces, and landscaping can make even an older home look inviting and unique.  Hardscaping such as walkways, and stone walls can serve to define areas of the yard, and are a great way to create flower beds, and walking paths that also serve to minimize lawn area, and are easy to maintain.  Building or renovating a custom home is much more than just picking lighting fixtures, and countertops. It is an opportunity to build a place that generations can enjoy, both inside and out.  On Cape Cod, some of the best times to share with family are cool evenings in the yard, enjoying a cookout, or just chatting about a great day at the beach.  Here is some inspiration for your next custom home project or renovation.


Here is the full slideshow from Freshome.com:http://freshome.com/2012/05/30/35-lovely-pathways-for-a-well-organized-home-and-garden/#

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Signs of Life in the Building Industry on Cape Cod and elsewhere

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, May 30, 2012

  Over the last several months, we have continued to see positive signs in the building industry.  Home prices are rising, building permits are increasing, and the market is seeing a renewed interest in real estate as a sound investment.  A a Custom Home Builder here on Cape Cod, our experience has been much the same.  Demand for Custom Homes, Renovations, and Remodeling have increased dramatically over the last 4-5 months. As the market recovers, people have found the ability to mitigate the risk associated with building a home on Cape Cod, given the fact that mortgage rates are low, property values have settled and become stable.  This is an exciting time for builders across the country, especially for those who had the financial strength to weather the storm. Meanwhile, there have also been significant advancements over the last couple of years in building technologies, materials, and techniques that have allowed new homes to be built quickly and efficiently.


Here is an article from Builderonline.com that looks at the increase in residential construction across the country: http://www.builderonline.com/economic-conditions/signs-of-life.aspx

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Tear Down or Renovate?

Posted by Matthew Teague on Fri, May 11, 2012

      This is an important question to ask when you are considering a major renovation or remodeling project on Cape Cod.  Renovation costs are skyrocketing, especially for antiquated homes that may require substantial additional work to meet all current structural, mechanical, and enery codes.  The real underlying value for properties on Cape Cod is the land and the location. So often times, when compared to the value of a remodeling, a new home of comparable size may not be much more expensive, and in some cases, could be less expensive.  Something to think about for your Cape Cod Home. Here is an article from about.com with some advice on a teard-down project.



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