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How to move a 400 ton Lighthouse on Gayhead Cliff near Cape Cod

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Thu, Jun 11, 2015
REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder

In 1844 a lighthouse was built on the Gayhead Cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard. For over a century she has helped to keep innumerable vessels away from certain peril, guiding them past Martha’s Vineyard and on to Cape Cod and Buzzard’s Bay, or safely out to sea. Erosion of the cliffs was threatening this great landmark. The end was near, so funds were raised, and the lighthouse saved.

So how do you move 400 tons of 171 year-old brick and mortar, standing hundreds of feet in the air, 129 feet back from the edge of a cliff? “Very carefully” you might answer. The actual move is really an amazing success story. It’s estimated that the move, which was just in the nick of time, will keep the lighthouse safe for 150 years or more. Great story. Great photos:

How to move a Lighthouse - Martha's Vineyard on CBS

Gayhead Lighthouse

gay head cliffs without lighthouse resized 600

The full story - a great read.

gayhead lighthouse moved drone photo resized 600

How to move a Lighthouse - Martha's Vineyard on CBS

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