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10 Home Design Trends to Ditch in 2015 on Cape Cod

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Tue, Feb 24, 2015
REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder

Occasionally we’ll have a Customer who MUST have an amenity or design feature in their home that we know is just…unfortunate. Sometimes we just can’t talk them out of it. So the Customer gets what they want, regardless of its trendiness.

Here’s some great examples of design trends to avoid in 2015…and beyond! Times change. A desk or workspace in the kitchen used to be a very popular feature…but who needs a place in the kitchen for the phonebook and appointment book? Naked windows and mirrored surfaces have seen their day too.

Check out this short list before you commit to those brass bathroom fixtures…

10 Home Design Trends to Ditch in 2015

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10 Home Design Trends to Ditch in 2015

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