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Renewable Energy Systems

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Dec 21, 2011

  With the popularity of the green construction movement over the last few years REEF has been asked to identify, assess, and install various renewable energy systems on our projects.  In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, REEF invested in its own photovoltaic solar system on the office in West Dennis.  So far it has been a great investment, with a total return of about 5 years.  What many of our customers don't know is that there are really two means of financial return afforded by alternative energy systems. The first is what is known as "net metering", which means that you only pay for the electricity that is used over and above what is produced by the solar system. In our case, our monthly electric bills were reduced by well over 50%.  The second part is the brokering and re-sale of "SREC's" (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).  Many states mandate the amount of renewable energy that must be provided to the grid, forcing the utility companies to purchase energy from newewable sources.  Bottom line... not only did we reduce our monthly electric bills we actually get paid for producing the same energy. 

Here are a couple of tips if you are thinking about investing in a renewable energy system for your home:

1) Investigate your local zoning by-laws to find out the limitations. Solar systems are generally acceptable, wind turbines may not be allowed

2) Find a local company that is as familiar with the incentives, grants and programs available as they are with the products they provide.

3) Look at all of the financing, grant, metering and pay options available, and have all of the applications and approvals in place before you start your project.

Here is a picture of our solar system in West Dennis IMAG0157 resized 600

If you have any questions about renewable energy systems for your next project feel free to contact us here  CONTACT US

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