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Locally Owned - Cape Abilities Farm

Posted by Matthew Teague on Fri, Jun 15, 2012

    There is a unique farm in Dennis that provides fresh produce to both residents and several local restaurants.  The unique part is that the farm is staffed exclusively by people with disabilities.   Check out their website for more information:http://www.capeabilities.org/

Cape Abilities operates a farm with greenhouses and a farm stand on Route 6A in Dennis that has attracted a loyal following of people who crave high-quality, locally-grown produce. We also have a working farm in Marstons Mills that features a historic home and barn but no farm stand, so produce grown there is brought to our Dennis farm stand to be sold. Between the two locations, Cape Abilities Farm provides paid employment for people with disabilities who work in every aspect of farm management.

Fresh produce, healthy plants and service with a smile are hallmarks of Cape Abilities Farm. Our award-winning tomatoes are especially sought-after, and some of the finest restaurants on Cape Cod feature Cape Abilities produce on their menus. Among them are the Brewster Fish House, Fin, Chatham Bars Inn, the Naked Oyster, Pain D’Avignon, the Red Pheasant and the Regatta.

Farm work has proven satisfying, instructive and therapeutic to Cape Abilities participants who enjoy being productive and making things grow. Our farm workers do everything from planting seeds to training tomato vines to packaging produce, and they are living proof that Cape Abilities Farm grows much more than beautiful annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables—Cape Abilities Farm grows futures.

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Locally Owned - Trombetta's Window Boxes, Etc

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Thu, Mar 01, 2012

Hanging flowers

Welcome to the first monthly installment in our series on Locally Owned Businesses.   

This month we are featuring clients Joe and Theresa Trombetta of Trombetta's Window Boxes. Etc.

Flower Trays   As owners and operators of

Trombetta's Flower Shop and

Greenhouses in Northborough,

Ma., Joe grew a large variety

of cut flowers and potted

plants. Theresa ran the full

service, for all occasions

flower shop, servicing

Northborough and surrounding


 After over 40 years in

business, Joe & Theresa semi

retired to Cape Cod where they resumed their talents with Trombetta's Windowboxes, Etc. 

Their offerings include plantings and containers for all seasons, and custom orders for both

residential and commercial customers.  window boxHappy Spring

Joseph and Theresa Trombetta

Trombetta's Window Boxes, Etc.

East Dennis, MA

(508) 385-9367

describe the image
Flower Box

 Petunia Planting


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