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Landscaping on Cape Cod - Gravel Driveways

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, May 10, 2012

      One of the most challenging items for a custom home builder, or customer is deciding on an appropriate landscape budget.  Landscaping is one of those things that is always left to do at the last minute, and often times, there is not enough money set aside to meet the customer's goals.  Good landscaping doesn't always have to be expensive, but if you don't plan ahead, that dream home with the paver patio, large green lawn, and lush planting may not be a reality.  A great way to save money, and still get a classic look is with a gravel driveway.  Gravel driveways, or gravel / shell mix driveways are common on Cape Cod, and are an inexpensive alternative to paving, cobblestones, or manufactured pavers. 

Here is a great article from Houzz.com discussing the advantages of gravel:


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