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Singing in the Shower? Add some Music to your Remodeling Project

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, Mar 06, 2013

  So, every year, some new products are invented for the Building, Remodeling and Renovation business.  This year, at the International Builder's Show in Las Vegas, Kohler introduced a shower head that doubles a as a remote bluetooth speaker for your smartphone. Kohler's Moxie shower head has an integral speaker that connects to your smartphone, tablet or other bluetooth device and allows you to listen to your favorite tunes in the shower.  So if you are thinking of building, remodeling, or renovationg your Cape Cod Home, this is a fun, and relatively inexpensive way to add a little excitement to your project.  Here is a video from the Builder's Show!

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Tile Trends for your Cape Cod Kitchen or Bath

Posted by Matthew Teague on Fri, Nov 02, 2012

    So, everyone has heard of Fashion Week in NYC, right? Well the Italian tile industry holds it's own "fashion week" event every year called Cersaie in Bologna, Italy. This year, color and texture seem to be leading the style trends in tile for 2013.  We like the wood-textured tiles shown in the slide show.  So if you are planning on Building a New Home, Remodeling, or Renovating your Kitchen or Bath here on Cape Cod, you may want to consider some of these Italian tiles for your project!

Here is an article and slideshow from builderonline.com: Italian Tiles

Here is a link to the official show website: Cersaie

Italian Tile

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Doorless Showers?

Posted by Matthew Teague on Tue, May 22, 2012

    Smartly-designed bathrooms are a nice feature in a home.  With home design moving towards multi-generation living, showers are a big issue.  We have done several homes recenlty with open showers, and flush floors that can accommodate wheelchair access. Also, if the showers are well-designed, no shower door is needed to capture the water.  These types of showers are expensive and time consuming to do in an existing home, but are fairly easy and straight forward in a new home or addition.  By lowering the floor appropriately in the bathroom, the tile floors can be pitched towards open drains, eliminating the traditional shower curb, door or curtain.   It also makes the bathroom really easy to clean!

Here is an article from houzz.com with some great ideas: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/2504909/list/Doorless-Showers-Open-a-World-of-Possibilities

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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Solutions

Posted by Matthew Teague on Wed, May 09, 2012

    Kitchen and bathroom remodeling still top the list of remodeling and renovation projects nationwide. As a custom home builder and remodeling contractor, REEF often performs this type of work.  With the current economic conditions, the market has changed, and value-oriented customers are seeking ways to get more for their dollar.   We found a great article from Housingzone.com that provides input from remodeling contractors across the country on planning and executing your project.  There is a lot of great information here. 


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Kitchen and Bath Products for your New Home or Renovation

Posted by Matthew Teague on Tue, May 01, 2012

   Spring is an exciting time of year for custom builders and renovation contractors.   Manufacturers present their new products at industry and trade shows across the country. Recently the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show was held and here are some of the featured products.  Check out this article and slideshow from Builderonline.com :http://www.builderonline.com/products/new-kitchen-and-bath-products-to-make-life-easier.aspx


IMG 9434 resized 600

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