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What will my new custom home look like on my lot?

Posted by REEF Custom Homes on Wed, Apr 13, 2016
REEF Custom Homes

     Designing and building a custom home is an exciting process.  Many of our customers have great vision for the overall design of the home, the important spacial relationships of the interior, and of course the interior finishes such as tile and cabinetry that make the home unique.  One of the most challenging components of home design is what is called "siting" the home, i.e. where should the house go on the lot, and more importantly what will it look like.  At REEF, we use the latest in design technology to answer that question very early in the design process.  Using a combination of satellite photograpy  and  topography, we can accurately show you what your new home will look like in 3-D!   Once the design is complete, we can even show you what the finished home would look like, so you can see the windows and exterior finishes on your site.

    When you are designing a custom waterfront home, the views are the driving design factor, and shifting or rotating a homes location even a few degrees can make a world of difference.  It is important to look at these scenarios before the home is built so you can work with our design team to make the best decision possible for your new custom home!

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Cape Cod Custom Home Design 3D 2

Cape Cod Custom Home Design 3D 1

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