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Top Remodeling Tips for Cape Cod Homes 2024

Posted by REEF Builders on Tue, Mar 12, 2024

Discover the top remodeling tips to enhance the charm and functionality of your Cape Cod home.

Preserving the Cape Cod Aesthetic

Preserving the Cape Cod aesthetic is essential when remodeling your coastal home. Cape Cod homes are known for their charming and timeless design, so it's important to maintain that classic look. One way to do this is by preserving the traditional exterior features such as the cedar shingle siding, white trim, and pitched roofs. Consider repainting the exterior in classic Cape Cod colors like soft grays or blues.


Another important aspect of preserving the Cape Cod aesthetic is maintaining the interior design. Stick to a light and airy color palette with shades of white and pastels. Incorporate classic Cape Cod elements such as shiplap paneling, wainscoting, and exposed wooden beams. These architectural details will help to capture the authentic Cape Cod charm in your home.

Cape Cod Front Door, REEF Builders

Maximizing Natural Light

Cape Cod homes are characterized by their bright and sunny interiors, so maximizing natural light is crucial. Start by ensuring that your windows are clean and unobstructed to allow as much sunlight as possible. Consider installing larger windows or adding skylights to bring in even more natural light.

Another way to maximize natural light is by using light-colored window treatments that allow sunlight to filter through. Opt for sheer curtains or blinds that can be easily opened during the day. Additionally, strategically placing mirrors throughout your home can help to reflect and amplify natural light, making the space feel brighter and more open.

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Utilizing Nautical-Inspired Décor

To enhance the coastal charm of your Cape Cod home, consider utilizing nautical-inspired décor. Incorporate elements such as seashells, driftwood, and rope accents to bring a touch of the beach indoors. Incorporate  artwork featuring sailboats, lighthouses, or coastal landscapes to add a maritime feel to your walls.

When selecting furniture and accessories, opt for pieces that have a coastal or nautical theme. Look for clean, classic patterned textiles, wicker furniture, and weathered wood finishes. These design choices will help to create a cohesive and beachy atmosphere in your Cape Cod home.

REEF Builders Custom Bathroom

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the highlights of living in a coastal area like Cape Cod is the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Create inviting outdoor living spaces that allow you to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Consider adding a spacious deck or patio where you can relax, entertain guests, and enjoy al fresco dining.

To make your outdoor living spaces even more enjoyable, incorporate comfortable seating options such as lounge chairs, outdoor sofas, and dining sets. Add shade with umbrellas or pergolas to provide relief from the sun on hot summer days. Don't forget to include outdoor lighting to extend the usability of your outdoor spaces into the evening.

Incorporating Modern Amenities

While preserving the Cape Cod aesthetic is important, it's also essential to incorporate modern amenities that enhance the functionality of your home. Consider upgrading your kitchen with modern appliances, such as a stainless steel refrigerator and a gas range. Install energy-efficient lighting fixtures and smart thermostats throughout your home to save on energy costs.

Incorporate technology into your home by installing a home automation system that allows you to control various aspects of your home, such as lighting, temperature, and security, from your smartphone or tablet. This will not only add convenience but also increase the value of your Cape Cod home.

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