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How the Pandemic is changing home design

Posted by REEF Builders on Wed, Apr 27, 2022
  •  The recent Covid-19 pandemic will have lasting impacts on society, specifically with regard to how people will live and work in the future.  Working from home was a novelty until a couple of years ago, and it has swiftly become the norm for many industries, and with people spending more time at home, we are seeing changes coming in home design that are probably here to stay.    Here are some of the changes that current and future generations are looking for in a new home or major renovation project:   
  • Larger home offices, and often times multiple office rooms in one home
  • Larger more elaborate bathrooms
  • Relaxation spaces like rooms dedicated to video games, home theater, or golf simulators

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Here's a great article with some additional information on how the pandemic is changing housing in the future:  How the Pandemic is Changing Housing

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