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Classic Cape Cod Beach Cottage Part II

Posted by REEF Builders on Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Here's the next phase in the design process of our Cape Cod Beach Cottage project. We have moved from line drawings to a full 3-D exterior rendering so our customers can get a better sense of the overall massing, style and feel of the new design.  We will continue to develop this model and look at siding, roofing and window options.  There is no better way to get feel for a design than a highly accurate 3-D Rendering.   If you are thinking of building your new home on Cape Cod, consider the design / build team here at REEF Builders, with over 1500 new home and renovation projects completed on Cape Cod.






098-200421-DD Perspective-left1024_1



098-200421-DD Perspective-right1024_1

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