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Fall Tips - Controlling Leaves at your Cape Cod Home

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Sep 13, 2012
Matthew Teague

    Fall is here, or at least on it's way to Cape Cod, and with fall comes leaves.  Managing leaves can be quite a chore to get rid of, but fall leaves can also have some benefits.  The other problem with most Cape Cod Homes involves pine needles.  Excessive pine needles on a lawn can raise the soil acidity and kill the lawn very quickly. 

    Many experts suggest using a mulching mower to chop the leaves up and leave them right on the lawn.  The mulched leaves add vital nutrients to the lawn, and act as an inexpensive, yet very effective fertilizer. 

Here is an article from MSN Real Estate with 8 tips for managing leaves at your Cape Cod Home this fall: 8 Smart Ways to Deal with Leaves

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