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Another Code Change for Massachusetts

Posted by Matthew Teague on Thu, Mar 29, 2012
Matthew Teague

  The Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards is working on changing the building code yet again!  This pending change involves adoption of the IECC 2012 Energy Code.  Massachusetts has been operating under the 2009 version of the IECC Code for approximately the last two years.  When the 2009 version was implemented, there was a 3-5% increase in building costs.  Based on the available information, custom builders will see at least another 2-4% increase.   The Home Builder's Association of Massachusetts has prepared an article outlining the provisions of the new code. There are dramatic increases in energy efficiency, insulation required to make new homes and major renovations compliant.  As a custom builder on Cape Cod, REEF has prided itself in training its staff on the requirements of these ever-changing regulations. It looks like this new code will be adopted in July 2012.  Here is the full article from the Home Builders Association of Masssachusetts: MA to adopt IECC 2012 Energy Code


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