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How will the new FEMA Flood Maps affect your Cape Cod property?

Posted by REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder on Mon, Sep 16, 2013
REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder
  • Will the new FEMA flood zones affect your Cape Cod property?

  • Is there anything you can do to reduce the impact to your home?

  • How will the new Flood Zones affect your insurance rate?

  • Can you appeal FEMA’s delineation of the Flood Zone around your property?

The new FEMA Flood Zone Maps have catalyzed myriad questions from thousands of property owners. If you are interested in buying or building on Cape Cod, this is really important information.

Property that is located in a 500 year flood plain may now be in a newly designated 100 year plain, or even a “velocity zone.” This affects not only insurability of the property, and the corresponding rates, but also what is allowed to be built on the property, and what construction techniques must be employed when a structure is built or renovated.

This is a huge deal for anybody with property on or near the water. There’s lots of confusion, many questions, and plenty of disinformation. Here’s a simple Infographic from FEMA and some explanation from Coastal Engineering Company which will help home owners and Buyers alike.

Don’t let the new FEMA maps take you by surprise! Do your research now, and be prepared for the adoption of the new maps in 2014.

New FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map infographic

FEMA logo resized 600

Cape Cod Flood ZonesNew FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map infographic

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