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Garden makeovers for your Cape Cod Home


Overgrown side yard? --> Create a hidden patio.
Unsightly air conditioner? --> Lush, low maintenance grasses.
An average yard? --> An exceptional backyard.

Does your Cape Cod home say “Welcome”? Or “Please Help”? Many yards have an area or two that is crying for attention. Why not maximize the livability of your place by taking the landscape up a notch or two?

Here are some great ideas and motivating examples of yards that have been transformed from ugly to exceptional. And it doesn’t take that much time, energy or money to create a very inviting, livable outdoor space:

Great Garden Makeover Ideas

garden makeover resized 600

Great Garden Makeover Ideas

garden rocks makeover resized 600

Best DIY Home Security Systems for your Cape Cod Home


Summer fun is around the corner. Off to the beach, or the lake, or antiquing…all your belongings are at home, or maybe way back home. While you’re having fun, make sure your stuff will be home when you return. Our custom homes include an integrated security system, but even your antique Cape Cod cottage can be easily protected.

Good security systems are far more affordable and easier to install than even just a few years ago. Wireless technology has the bugs pretty much worked out. Place the sensors, download the app, program the settings, and you’re protected.

Here’s a review of the 5 best Do-It-Yourself security systems on the market. They all have their strengths. Check here to find the system that’s right for you. And then off to the beach!

Best DIY Security Systems for your Cape Cod Home

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Best DIY Security Systems for your Cape Cod Home


home security system SimpliSafe resized 600

Best DIY Security Systems for your Cape Cod Home



20 Party-Ready Kitchens in pictures for your Cape Cod home


Cabin fever may be behind us, but after such a long, cold winter…who’s ready to party?! It seems there’s pent-up demand for some relaxing time with friends. And where will this party happen? Most likely the kitchen will be involved, if not the center of activity.

Great kitchen spaces are important for any successful home design. Considerations include light, space, and ease of access…but what about accommodating gatherings for relaxed, fun get-togethers?

Here’s some photos of wonderfully “Party-Ready” kitchens. Chances are you’ll find some great ideas for your space!

20 Party-Ready Kitchens in pictures for your Cape Cod home

Kitchen with view party ready resized 600

20 Party-Ready Kitchens in pictures for your Cape Cod home

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Tesla batteries power your Cape Cod home


What good is solar power when the lines are down in a storm? No sun, no power. Right? But wait --> Tesla has announced a new residential battery pack that can store up to 8 hours of power for your home. The Tesla “Powerwall” is charged by your solar panels and/or windmill. If the power goes out, the Powerwall kicks in and provides electricity to the house. Very cool, even if you have a generator.

The battery has been developed for automobiles, and Tesla feels there is demand for emergency power in homes. Read all about it. And check out Tesla’s new $1Billion manufacturing facility in Nevada:

Tesla batteries power your Cape Cod home

solar panels on roof resized 600

Tesla batteries power your Cape Cod home

solar powered home diagram resized 600

Planting Flowers that attract Bees on Cape Cod


Ready for some spring planting? You betcha! After such a long, cold winter, there’s a lot of “pent up demand” for some outside time. And there’s no better way to appreciate the outdoors than working in the garden. Sprucing up the yard is wonderfully and instantly gratifying. And planting flowers delivers all sorts of tangible and intangible rewards.

If planting flowers is on your list, why not consider flowers beneficial to birds, bees, and butterflies? Did you know that the Monarch Butterfly, which is increasingly rare, requires milkweeds to survive? And of course bees are the key to pollination, plant diversity, and healthy gardens. Here’s a list of beautiful flowers that will help keep your garden healthy and happy:

Flowers that attract Bees on Cape Cod

flowers purple cornflower resized 600

Flowers that attract Bees on Cape Cod

flowers black eyed susan resized 600

Granite, Marble or Quartz for your Cape Cod Kitchen?


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the kitchen counter is…really important! Lots of effort and energy is invested in every custom kitchen we design and build. One of the real challenges for our Customers is the myriad choices of fixtures, finishes, colors, and textures.

Of course our design team is great at moving folks from overwhelmed to over-the-top happy. One of the biggest decision points is countertop material. Kitchen islands are very popular, and they become the central gathering place of the home, with all the traffic and commotion that goes with it.

So a durable, handsome countertop material is crucial to the longevity of a working kitchen. So what’s the best material?

Quartz? Granite? Marble? Corian? Wood? Lots of choices, lots of questions. Here are some great resources to help you sort it all out. And don’t forget about the best resource: the design team at REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder!

4 Things you didn't know about Quartz vs Granite

Granite Sealing

Granite vs Marble vs Quartz-The Countertops Battle Royale

countertop comparison chart resized 600

Update on Natural Gas Moratorium on Cape Cod


Natural gas is an increasingly popular fuel for heating and cooking. Most of the custom homes we design, permit, and build here on Cape Cod are serviced with natural gas. Until now.

National Grid, the gas utility on Cape Cod, announced in November 2014 that no new gas hookups would be allowed in outer-Cape towns for 5 to 7 years. Wow! Nobody saw this coming, and it caused some not-so-little-issues for many homeowners.

So what’s the status? What if I want to add a gas grill? Or a generator? What if my every house in my neighborhood has natural gas? Why can’t I have gas?

REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder has developed some simple solutions to dealing with the gas situation. Call us for more information.

For a status report on the current situation, National Grid appeared at an information session a few weeks ago. Here are their answers to questions posed by homeowners and builders:

National Grid responses to Natural Gas Moratorium questions

gas meter and technician resized 600

National Grid responses to Natural Gas Moratorium questions

Natural Gas




What is the jurisdiction of Conservation Commissions on Cape Cod?


What is a Coastal Resource Area? What defines a wetland? Why are wetlands important? What does the Conservation Commission do? What is their jurisdiction?

Many, if not most, of the custom homes we design, permit, and build are located near a wetland, or in a flood zone. Enjoying views of a marsh, bay, or ocean from the comfort of your own home is for some a primary reason for living on Cape Cod.

But how do you build a house near a marsh without endangering environmentally sensitive areas? Local Conservation Commissions play an important and powerful role ensuring that vital wetlands are protected for future generations.

Here’s a handy guide explaining the Wetland Protection Act and how Conservation Commissions help protect valuable resource areas:

 Guide to the Wetlands Protection Act

Coastal Resource Area resized 600

  Guide to the Wetlands Protection Act

Easter Egg Fun on Cape Cod


Easter was always a special time for us growing up on Cape Cod. Days getting warmer…you could almost smell summer right around the corner. Easter egg hunts – both inside and outside – were the highlight!

There are a bunch of Easter celebrations on the Cape. There’s even a special Sunrise Service at Chatham Light.

Special traditions, like coloring eggs with Mom, offer great memories and wonderful opportunities for family fun. Here’s some creative and easy ways to color eggs, and a list of Easter celebrations on Cape Cod:

7 special ways to Celebrate Easter on Cape Cod

Easter Egg Hunt

How to make really cool Easter Eggs!

Easter Eggs


Homemade Easter Egg dyes

Easter Eggs dyeing resized 600

7 special ways to Celebrate Easter on Cape Cod

80 Brilliant Bathroom Ideas for your Cape Cod Home


Are you counting down the days until you can safely turn on your outdoor shower? Me too! This time next week we should be out of freezing danger, and back to starting our days outside!

If you’re looking forward to adding some new energy to your old bathroom, there are myriad ways to create a fun, light and efficient space. I started going through these ideas…and had to stop! Over 80 different designer layouts and very creative ways to creat a wonderful must-have--> your bathroom!

Vintage charm; Mod; Dramatic tile; Rustic country; Wide stripes; Shower with a view (VERY cool)…

80 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas for your Cape Cod Home

Brilliant bathroom

80 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas for your Cape Cod Home

bathroom indoor outdoor resized 600

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