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REEF is a proud sponsor of CapeAbilities on Cape Cod


The Cape Cod community is made better every day by the good work of CapeAbilities. They have been creating opportunity for Cape Codders with disabilities since 1968. Their services range from the Cape Abilities Farm on Route 6A in Dennis, to a Thrift Shop in Barnstable Village, to Cape Cod Saltworks which harvests salt from the waters that surround Cape Cod.

CapeAbilities offers transportation, support and education programs that have enriched the lives of thousands of Cape Codders. It’s selfless endeavors like this that help make Cape Cod so wonderful.

REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder is proud to support CapeAbilities. Their annual golf tournament is an important fundraiser, and we’re happy to help. Have a look at CapeAbilities website, and perhaps you’ll find a way to help too.

CapeAbilities helps make Cape Cod a great place!

Capabilites Golf Tourney sign resized 600

CapeAbilities helps make Cape Cod a great place!

Cape Cod Home magazine features REEF Cape Cod's Home Builder


Cape Cod Home selected a REEF Home for the front cover of their Summer issue! Inside you’ll find a 10-page feature article on a home we designed, built, and delivered last summer. Needless to say, it’s a beautiful home, with amazing views of Cape Cod Bay.

The Owners wanted to build a “cottage by the sea”, and what a fabulous cottage it is! One of the goals was to make it feel like you were on the beach, even inside the house. An open floor plan, wide pine floors, pebble fireplace surround…lots of details work together to create a very relaxed, casually elegant environment.

The whole team at REEF is very proud that Cape Cod Home chose to feature our work on their cover and in their Summer issue. Cape Cod Home is a very high quality periodical, well written and full of interesting information. The Summer issue is on newsstands today – grab a copy and read about REEF!

Read Cape Cod Home magazine, & Cape Cod Life too!

Dennis Bayview Cape deck close resized 600


Dennis Bayview Cape kitchen stove with view resized 600

Read Cape Cod Home magazine, & Cape Cod Life too!

Recent zoning ruling in flood zone has Cape Cod officials baffled


The fallout and confusion catalyzed by FEMA’s promulgation of new Flood Insurance Rate Maps continues. 

Here is a case of a Chatham landowner who applied for a permit to make some changes to their home…in 2007! It is STILL under review!

Certainly this is an extreme case. It highlights the quandary in which town boards find themselves: Building height restrictions are there for a reason. But if a federal agency (FEMA) requires the house to be lifted out of a flood zone, should the height restriction take that flood zone requirement into consideration?

At REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder we help people consider their options every day. The new flood zones have made some projects more challenging, but there is always a way.

If you own a home on the Cape, or are considering buying one, or counsel home Buyers and Sellers, this information is important.

Recent zoning ruling has Cape Cod officials baffled

Cape Cod Homes in flood zone

Recent zoning ruling has Cape Cod officials baffled

So...What questions should I ask BEFORE I build a home on Cape Cod?


You've made the decision: "Let's build our dream home!" or perhaps a simple cottage by the sea. Now what?   Simple.    Hire a builder and get on with the project!

Caveat emptor --> Not all builders are equal!

Once you've made the decision to build, you owe it to yourself to find a builder who is perfect for you and your project.

How do you know which builder is the best fit?

What questions will lead you to the right answer?

Here's a link to our site with a form to get a great list of questions that will help you make sure you have the best possible builder for your project:

Important Questions to Ask BEFORE You Build on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Beach Home

Important Questions to Ask BEFORE You Build on Cape Cod

July 4th Fireworks on Cape Cod!


Yes! It’s time again for fabulous fireworks all over Cape Cod! Every year is another adventure when it comes to watching fireworks on Cape Cod. Some of my favorite summer memories include magnificent fireworks displays. Boats, beaches, village squares – it seems you can see them from everywhere. Even multiple displays happening at the same time!

It’s a trick to keep up with the fireworks schedule. Towns do it on different nights…and you don’t want to miss the fireworks! So here’s a good list of displays all around the Cape. God Bless America!

Cape Cod Fireworks Schedule by Town

Cape Cod Fireworks

Cape Cod Fireworks Schedule by Town

Is your Cape Cod land buildable? Is it "Environmentally Sensitive"?


Every day we talk with people about improving their Cape Cod home, or building on a vacant parcel of land. Generally these conversations are very productive, and we are asked to build a new home, or renovate or expand an existing home.

Sometimes people are very surprised to learn that the land they have owned for years, or just purchased, is considered “Environmentally Sensitive” by the Board of Health in their town. This discovery can be unwelcome news. Land which is located in an “Environmentally Sensitive Area” (ESA) generally requires a Variance from the Board of Health before an addition or change in floor plan is allowed.

And an ESA is not just waterfront property:
• Land with a high water table
• Land with existing or known future water supplies
• Land with terrestrial and/or aquatic plant/animal habitats
• Land with endangered species habitats
• Land within a DCPC (District of Critical Planning Concern)

Here's a 4-page Homeowners Guide and Notice from the Dennis Board of Health. It's very interesting reading for anybody considering renovating a property, or building a new home on Cape Cod.

Is your Cape Cod land considered Environmentally Sensitive?

 Cape Cod Home

 Is your Cape Cod land considered Environmentally Sensitive?

Cape Cod riverfront home






Cape Cod Summer has just started!


It was a loooong winter, and we all waited (sometimes not so patiently!) for summer to arrive. Now our bones are thawing, and we are planning some summer fun!

We all have our favorite things to do on the Cape in the summer: the Stripers are here and the fishing is great on the north side. Cape Cod Baseball League games, whale watching, dune tours, concerts, festivals, fine dining, golfing, sailing, swimming…the list is long!

While you’re planning your summer fun, make sure to try some different activities. Here’s a great list of to get you started!

Things to do on Cape Cod in the Summer

Cape Cod Sand Dunes resized 600

Things to do on Cape Cod in the Summer

Cape Cod Homes and the Garden Doctor


Do you love your Cape Cod garden? How do you achieve a low-maintenance landscape that’s full of color? When should you transplant perennials? How do you get rid of unwanted grass without adding chemicals to the soil?

Gardening is a passion for many of our Customers. Some are retiring to the Cape and just getting to the point where they have time to spend in their garden. So how does one get started? And how do you get timely answers to the myriad questions that pop up?

The Garden Doctor always has great tips and info: How to keep grass out of your garden? Use newspaper under the mulch. It improves the soil's structure as it decomposes…Brilliant!

Here are more tips from the Garden Doctor:

Gardening Tips from The Garden Doctor

Cape Cod Garden

Cape Cod garden

Gardening Tips from The Garden Doctor

Father's Day Car Show on Cape Cod


June 15, 2014

Father’s Day Car Show

The Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce is organizing it's 20th Annual Main Street Father's Day Car Show, on Sunday, June 15th. The show is always very popular with approximately 350 cars lining both sides of Main Street. Police have estimated crowds of 60,000, making this show one of the best-attended family auto events in New England!

Father's Day Car Show Special Guest: Wayne Carini of TVs Chasing Classic Cars. He will be available for autographs starting at 11am.

Cklassic Cars on Cape Cod

Hyannis Chamber of Commerce car show info

Video of Cape Cod Father's Day Car Parade

Hyannis Main Street Car Show view resized 600

Make your Cape Cod Kitchen Sizzle!


I don’t think we’ve ever had a Customer to whom the kitchen wasn’t very important. Regardless of age, budget, gender or lifestyle, the kitchen is always a major part of our design mission.

But how do you make it fun? Isn’t every kitchen pretty much the same? How do you keep it fresh? Here’s some teasers: 

Quartz is the new Granite.
Drawers rather than drawers.
Induction ovens.
LED lights.

This is a great guide with A Dozen Ways to make your Kitchen Sizzle!

Make your Cape Cod Kitchen Sizzle !

Waterfront Kitchen on Cape Cod

Make your Cape Cod Kitchen Sizzle !

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