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between a Marsh and a Cranberry Bog?

Video Tour: House built between a Marsh and a Bog on Cape Cod


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Merry Christmas on Cape Cod


Merry Christmas everybody!

It’s been a great year for REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder, and we hope it’s been a great year for you too.

This time of year we all seem to take stock, look back at the wonderful opportunities we’ve enjoyed, and look forward to helping more folks realize their dreams here on Cape Cod.

Building custom homes isn’t easy, but we seem to have fun along the way.

And the smiling faces on move-in day make it all worthwhile.

The team at REEF sends our best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful, safe and happy holiday.

Sand Dune Christmas Wreath


Catboat Christmas wreath

Color of the Year for 2015 Cape Cod Homes


A New Year…A NEW COLOR! Yes! It’s here…Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015! A shade of Blue? Perhaps a subtle Green…Or maybe a striking Yellow?

Are you ready to remodel or simply refresh your Cape Cod home with some new color? How will your personal pallet react when you learn the Color of the Year? Are you on track? Do you even like it?!

Pantone is an important leader in color: matching, blending and developing trends. Find out where color trends are may jump aboard with your Cape Cod home!

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2015 Cape Cod Homes

Paint colors

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2015 Cape Cod Homes

Keeping your Cape Cod Holidays Happy & Healthy


The holidays are great. I always look forward to this time of year…probably because I have nothing but good memories of Christmas past. Lights, fireplaces, ovens baking and hot stoves…there is plenty of opportunity for accidents.

Keeping the family and home safe during the busy holidays can be challenging. Just keeping track of the kids can seem impossible! Here are some great tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday for your home and family:

Holiday Safety Tips for Cape Cod Homes

Snowy Holidays

Holiday Safety Tips for Cape Cod Homes

Holiday Home Safety for Cape Cod Families

Christmas Tree

Holiday Home Safety for Cape Cod Families

Holiday Celebrations on Cape Cod


Christmas on Cape Cod is a special time. There are myriad ways to celebrate the season here on the Cape. Concerts, exhibitions, parades, open houses, and the venerable Christmas stroll. How about taking a train to Christmas Town? Or celebrating as Santa arrives by boat?

One could attend a special event almost every night! Keeping track of all the happenings can be daunting. Here are some great seasonal events to consider:

Centerville Village Stroll

Falmouth Holidays By The Sea Weekend

Santa on Cape cod

Spectacle-of-Trees at the JFK Museum

Cultural Center of Cape Cod Holiday Events

Chatham Christmas by the Sea

The Train to Christmas Town

Brewster for the Holidays

 Christmas wreath on Cape Cod



Pilgrims' First Encounter with Native Americans on Cape Cod


I’ve lived on Cape Cod for a long time, and maybe I’ve been missing the obvious...but how did First Encounter Beach get its name? Exactly --> it’s where the Pilgrims, in December of 1620, had their First Encounter with the Native Americans! That is so cool!

There are several versions of what transpired on that winter day in Eastham. Arrows flying, muskets firing…wild stuff. There are two monuments to the event at the beach. One is very old and hidden by years of overgrowth. The video will help you find it. What a great treasure hunt!

I can’t wait to get back to First Encounter Beach and find that monument. I’ll close my eyes and go back in time…and try to imagine what it must have been like for both parties on that December day. Just one more reason why Cape Cod is such a special place!

1st Encounter Beach with Pilgrims resized 600

Historic account of First Encounter on Cape Cod

Video of First Encounter Beach monuments on Cape Cod - both of them!

Eastham Chamber describes First Encounter Beach

Can Ocean Waves Power a House on Cape Cod?


This is very cool. Harnessing the ocean’s energy has been a goal of many for years. Cape Cod is surrounded by some of the strongest currents in the world. The Cape Cod Canal is actually a “hydraulic” current, which means that water is always moving at some point along the canal. It is easy to envision a submerged turbine whose blades are turned by the moving current, generating energy every hour of every day, rain or shine, wind or calm.

Here is a house design that incorporates a turbine to transform the kinetic energy of waves into electrical energy for the house. The exterior cement shell of the house is bound to take a beating, but the wave energy should be substantial. Frankly, harnessing a steady current would probably produce more predictable energy every day. I would be surprised if using the energy of the ocean isn’t much more common in the years to come.

And Cape Cod is the perfect place to harness the endless energy of the ocean! Take a look and see what you think: 

House Powered by Ocean Waves on Cape Cod?

House powered by ocean waves resized 600

House Powered by Ocean Waves on Cape Cod?

Invasion of Crab Parts on Cape Cod!


Invasion of Crab Parts on Cape Cod? Piles and piles of crab parts are found on several Cape Cod beaches! What’s happening?

While the Philae Lander is attaching itself to a comet zooming through the universe, there are still some amazing discoveries to be found on sunny Cape Cod. You may love the Cape, and visit often or live here, and think you’ve seen it all. But there are still plenty of discoveries to be made. I know I learn something every time I go to the beach.

Here’s a great report of a recent Cape Cod phenomenon…why are some beaches LOADED with crab parts? Red tide? Blue tide? What’s happening? Check out this brief and fun video to discover the answer!

Invasion of Crab Parts on Cape Cod

Girl with Cape Cod Crab resized 600

Invasion of Crab Parts on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Crabs and Kids resized 600

Invasion of Crab Parts on Cape Cod

It's a Great Time to Play Golf on Cape Cod!


Summer is over. The crowds are gone. Leaves are still on the trees – so it’s too early to rake…let’s play golf!

Fall is a great time to enjoy Cape Cod. And a round of golf, even just nine holes, is a wonderful way to enjoy some spectacular scenery, get some fresh air, and work up an appetite! We played the Highlands Course in Truro and had a blast. It’s a ton of fun, even for beginners.

Here are some great resources for locating golf courses on the Cape. Enjoy!

Hyannisport Golf Club resized 600

Cape Cod Chamber's list of Golf Courses

Golf Courses on Cape Cod list and reviews of Cape Cod Golf Courses

Photo Tour of Cape Cod Bay View Home


Do you love homes? Architecture? Design? Decorating? We do too!

One of the best parts about building custom homes is planning and designing the flow of spaces, with each area comfortably leading to the next. It sounds easy, but challenges are presented in virtually every design. Developing a floor plan that accommodates the whole “wish list”, maximizes the opportunity on a specific land parcel, and meets budget criteria takes skill and experience.

Here is a home tour on that presents excellent solutions to all those challenges. This water view home offers commanding views of Cape Cod Bay, and spaces that bring the outside inside. You can view a dozen projects from this link to REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder, awarded Best of 2014!

Sandwich Bay View Photo Home Tour on Cape Cod

Sandwich Bayview Cape

Sandwich Bay View Photo Home Tour on Cape Cod

Sandwich Bayview Cape porch

Video Tour of New Marshview Home by REEF Builders on Cape Cod


All of the custom homes we design and build are special. But this Brewster home presented some real challenges. Promising views of Cape Cod Bay, the building site was squeezed between a marsh and an old cranberry bog. Our Customers had some very specific requirements, and every board and commission was involved, including the Conservation Commission.

The result is a pleasantly calm home with an open floor plan, stellar views, several living areas, 4 bedrooms including a 1st floor Master Suite, expansive mahogany deck overlooking the marsh and Cape Cod Bay, and a 2-bay garage. Wow!

This 3 minute video tour is worth a watch. And it’s the first time we used the drone! On the video page you can click on REEF Cape Cod Builder to visit our YouTube channel for more and longer videos. Enjoy!

Video Tour of New Home by REEF Builders on Cape Cod

Brewster Marshview Home

Video Tour of New Home by REEF Builders on Cape Cod

Brewster Marshview Home Cape Cod

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